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Weightlifting is a dynamic sport which involves a female or male lifter developing explosive power so that a weight can be thrust overhead easily by the lifter. Lifters develop their speed, strength, coordination and flexibility through intensive workouts. Olympic weightlifting is an elementary building block in the development of athletes of other sports because of the explosive power generated by this training.   

Weightlifting is also a fun sport due to the community developed in the conversation between lifters while resting between sets. Peers in the training room, regardless of sex or weight class, support each other as new challenges are faced in the training schedule each week. A lifter also develops inner strength as new goals are pursued each month. Lifters typically adapt to new mental challenges by becoming faster or stronger, with the encouragement of team mates to maximize their performance to establish new personal bests.

 The Athabasca Weightlifting Club provides the opportunity for athletes in Athabasca to receive Nationally Certified Coaching so they can experience the excitement and challenge of the sport of weightlifting.

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